AKIKO JPN 6" 30 Teeth-<font color=#ce0500>Sold Out</font>

AKIKO JPN 6" 30 Teeth-Sold Out

AKIKO JPN 6" 30 Teeth-Sold Out
Item# JPN6030
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Feature - Akiko JPN 6" 30teeth thinning shears
Total Length: 152mm ( 6inch ) I Blade Length: 64mm I Handle Length: 63mm I Weight: 2.00oz
Blade Tooth: 30teeth I Texture Quantity: U-nick, Dry20-25%, Wet20-25%
Handle: Offset Type I Blade: Convex Type I Finger Rest: Non-Detachable I Tension: Plate No.1-1
Designed: Korea I Base Material: Japanese Staninless steel

AKIKO JPN 6inch 30teeth thinning shears

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